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Screenshot of Space Craft 22, featuring a spaceship and an asteroid
Galactic Night

EV craft-em-up

Screenshot of Hovertank 22, featuring a hovertank
Hovertank 22

Armored combat in 3d

Photograph of printed (well out of date) resume

Screenshot showing code

Most of my projects are open source

Linkedin's logo which I haven't scrubbed the tm from
Linkedin Profile

The other kind of networking

Screenshot of Survive Space, featuring some spaceships

2d Survival Crafting in space

Screenshot of mpevmvp, featuring an iconic EV style map

Multiplayer EV

Screenshot of a heavy mining starship (XIC Drillship) in front of a planet

2.5d Space Travel RPG in JS

Screenshot of OpenLockStep featuring a unit and a path, iconic DanC graohics in use

Python RTS Skeleton

Cover of Axe Factory, featiring a black and white picture of the Collins Axe Factory in Canton, Connecticut.

My releases on Bandcamp

Bryce render used as the cover of Sand Reckoner featuring an island

Additional music on Soundcloud

Stylized view of the Matock combat mecha

Shipped Steam Game with my music

High-res scan of the 1997 Lego catalog, one of the things I've scanned to the internet archive.
archive.org uploads

Contributions to digitization and preservation

A vivid, red planet
OpenGameArt uploads

Scavenged art

Travel photo of Ogrodzieniec Castle

Notes on code, travel, and hobby stuff

Earthlike planet, the traditional symbol for the web.

Links page, in case you need links

Mastodon logo
SDF Mastodon Page

I guess this is our life now

Goodreads logo
Goodreads Profile

Book reviews

Reddit Logo
Reddit Profile

Old man yells at crowd

Lemmy Logo
SDF Lemmy profile

Another new world

Bluesky Logo - a butterfly
Bluesky Profile

What can I say, I miss the format

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